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First Advisor

Dr. Rebecca Schindler

Second Advisor

Jonathon Nichols-Pethick

Third Advisor

James Olsen


The film I created is entitled “The Bomb: The 2022 Trasimeno Regional Archaeological Project.” It documents the research methods used to ethically excavate an archaeological site and presents Professor Rebecca Schindler and Pedar Foss’s research from Castiglione del Lago, Italy. The stakes of the project are as follows: I wanted to create an entertaining documentary about the process of ethically excavating an archaeological dig site through the 2022 Trasimeno Regional Archaeology Project (TRAP) in Castiglione del Lago, Italy. This thesis contains three parts: Analysis of Archaeology in the Media, where I analyze two TV shows about archaeology as the main topic, On The Site, where I discuss what my thought process looked like during filming, and Reflections, where I analyze my strengths as a filmmaker and producer, as well as offer insight into my directorial choices. One of the primary focuses of the film will be how the research is presented, and that will be documented in the thesis below. My film attempts to display ethical archaeological practices and takes a different directorial approach from typical stereotypes of archaeology in the media. I address these stereotypes in the Analysis of Archaeology in the Media. My film attempts to illustrate the process to excavate a dig site and what I could do to ensure I was capturing the best footage. I address these issues in On The Site. My film attempts to find humor as my way of providing entertainment and perspective as a filmmaker. I address this directorial choice in the Reflections.

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