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Christina Holmes

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Kevin Moore

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Hiroko Chiba


This project aims to investigate the negative influences of the model minority stereotypes to Asian Americans. The model minority myth is the idea that members from a minority group with Asian heritages are considered to achieve a higher degree of educational and socioeconomic success than the average population. Asian Americans are usually perceived as model minorities who achieve high educational and socioeconomic success without many negative experiences in the U.S. However, a closer examination of the model minority myth indicates that this idea is quite generalized and misleading, which cannot stand for the diversity and complexity of Asian American experiences. In order to help people better understand Asian American experiences and the negative implications of the model minority myths, I chose to do this project by deconstructing the model minority stereotypes. Asian American immigration history, racial discrimination against Asian Americans, domestic violence against immigrant Asian women, and controlling images in the social media are some of the main materials that I will cover in this paper. Overall, this is a multidisciplinary paper that combines knowledge from Asian studies, Women studies, and Psychology.


Honor Scholar thesis