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First Advisor

Rebecca Alexander

Second Advisor

Leigh-Anne Goins

Third Advisor

Alicia Suarez


This research examines Black mothers’ narratives about the foster care system as counterstorytelling. This study analyzes the different ways Black mothers challenge systemic oppression through Critical Race Theory. This study offers a critical insight into the challenges Black mothers encounter with the foster care system and the different state actors that participate in maintaining common stereotype of Black mothers as poor parents. This project highlights the the role of the foster care system in suppressing Black mothers’ ability to care for and protect their children. This study critiques the state’s hypersurveillance and hypercriminalization of Black mothers and by extent, Black children. This project situates systemic racism, classism, and sexism so as to locate Black women within that paradigm. Lastly, this project offers a call to action that will mobilize readers to engage in activities that will undermine state violence towards Black women.


Honor Scholar Thesis