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Food insecurity among college students is three times higher than nationally representative households (Nazmi 2018: 8). Literature estimates between 12% and 59% of college students experience some sort of food insecurity (Cady 2014). Food insecurity is prevalent on all types of college campuses. However, there is limited data on food insecurity on college campuses and the stigmas behind food insecurity. This article discusses the prevalence of food insecurity on college campuses, the stereotypes which reproduce food insecurity, the stigma behind pantry usage and potential solutions. The article will highlight best practices for food pantries obtained through eight interviews with pantries in Columbus, Ohio. Secondary data from a student-led food pantry at Otterbein University will also be considered in this analysis. Food insecurity needs to be considered a public health priority and continued research must address solutions to the systemic issue of food insecurity on college campuses.



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