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Women in Science at DePauw is a research project conducted in Spring 2023 to honor the women in science in the history of DePauw University. This project utilizes resources from the Archives, including the Archives and Special Collections and the Digital Library, to gather information about the lives and accomplishments of female faculty and alumni in science at DePauw. The final product of the project is 8 posters created in Adobe Photoshop, highlighting 10 female figures that studied and/or taught science at DePauw. By recognizing the presence and contributions of these women at DePauw, the project raises public awareness of women’s important role in the scientific history and empowers young women to pursue their passion for science. This is significant to the cause of diversity, equity, and inclusion in science, as it improves representation and creates inspiration through role modeling. The posters of this project are currently on display in the glass cases on the first floor of the Julian Science and Mathematics Center.


2023 John J. Baughman Archives Research Award Winner