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Chapter in a Book

Publication Date

Spring 2022


We are aware that to resist in the coming age of bioinformational capitalism, we will require new knowledge ecologies. These knowledges must be socialist: able to resist the dominance of productivist and imperialist pedagogies that are saturated with capital, and now bioinformational capital’s aims. These knowledges must also be stupid: able to refuse bioinformational capital’s lust for visibility and access to the working class biology. Stupidity is able to resist primarily because it can’t be quantified, articulated, or rendered transparent. To express the importance of this refusal, we visit concepts of colonialism and disability. Disabled and colonized struggles animate the importance of protecting anti-value: and using anti-value in the struggle against oppression. In this paper, we propose a theory and practice of stupidity as anti-value: a socialist and anti-imperialist form of resistance.


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