The Postdigital-Biodigital Revolution

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This article is based on a conversation between Alex, Amy, Petar, Derek, Michael, and Sarah conducted online on July 16–17, 2022 for Collective Intellectualities podcast led by Alex Means and Amy Sojot.Footnote3 The conversation revolves around themes and insights covered in two edited books recently published in the Postdigital Science and Education book series: Bioinformational Philosophy and Postdigital Knowledge Ecologies (Peters et al. 2022) and Postdigital Ecopedagogies: Genealogies, Contradictions, and Possible Futures (Jandrić and Ford 2022).

The conversation transcript has been slightly expanded and edited for sense, clarity, and intended meaning. All authors have equally contributed to the conversation and the order of authorship follows the order of appearance.