Sensation and Pedagogies in Teacher Education

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This entry examines the contributions by two contemporary scholars, Elizabeth Ellsworth (2005, 2011) and Megan Watkins (2012), to provide an introduction to pedagogy and sensation in teacher education. Four sections organize the entry. First, a brief discussion of the philosophies about the body that undergird contemporary approaches to pedagogy and sensation elucidates the competing considerations of the body and thought. Second, sensation will be discussed, particularly how it is distinguished from sense, feeling, emotion, and experience. Demarcating the usages of sense, feeling, emotion, and experience is significant for work in this area for it clarifies the nuances of using sensation in conjunction with pedagogy. In addition, affect has resonance with the study of sensation in this perspective. Third, the impact these approaches have on reticulating pedagogy will be discussed. Finally, the meaning held by pedagogy and sensation for teacher education is deliberated with the assistance of pedagogy’s hinge, a concept developed by Ellsworth (2005).

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