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Fall 2023

Course Description

In our discipline of music performance, we continue to learn and grow from processes and knowledge that we already know, as well as from new methods and goals that will be new to many of us as we come together from disparate programs and ensembles. Known to you: the rehearsal format; the responsibility of preparation necessary to help your section, the ensemble, and yourself as you grow as a musician; to engage in the rehearsal in order to truly create the performance of a piece of music (e.g., we strive to enjoy making music and creating a performance at each rehearsal, rather than "drilling" notes, rhythms, etc.). New to you: perhaps a different atmosphere and set of goals than you were used to in your respective high schools; new collegiate colleagues, whose interest in continuing to make music could, or could not, be the same as yours; learning to conceptualize/imagine, conceive/create, collaborate, cooperate, compromise, celebrate (personal and team qualities and skills that are crucial for success and substantive accomplishment in the real world)

Student Outcomes

• Provide playing experiences for College of Liberal Arts majors on their primary instruments, and School of Music students on secondary instruments. • Create an atmosphere where music is created with maximum enjoyment with limited demands for students who wish to perform in a large ensemble as part of their collegiate educational experience. • Engage students in creative experiences that promote self-expression, creative thinking, higher-level collaboration, and continued development of self-confidence and self-understanding. • Develop an understanding, between the conductor and musician, of how each individual musician contributes to the whole sound of a musical ensemble. • Rehearse and perform of a diverse array of works for concert band.