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Publication Date

Spring 2024

Course Description

This seminar is the culmination of all your art historical endeavors at DePauw. All that you have learned from your classes, internships, and other forms of experiential learning will inform and will actualize your senior project. This project entails the writing of a senior thesis (about 20-25 pages in length) and a public presentation, format TBD. For the first 10 weeks, we will work with a two-fold purpose: 1) preparing your thesis and 2) reading about the methodologies and critical appraisals of the field. The latter is to serve as both inspiration and critique for your own emerging ideas and analytical approaches. The final weeks of the semester will be devoted to the completion of your thesis and its public presentation. You have worked hard to get to this point, so embrace this final challenge! You will surprise yourself with your accomplishments and your desire to continue the research beyond this class

Student Outcomes

Students will be able to

  • articulate the current critical appraisals and methodologies of the field of art history
  • demonstrate enhanced critical thinking, close reading, visual analysis, research, and writing skills
  • publicly present art historical research