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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

This course is intended to build your writing skills in organization, coherence, and development. The class is centered on American academic writing and will prepare students for liberal arts college writing and research. The writing in this course will include a variety of genres, including personal narrative, critical response and research. Much of this writing will involve analyzing sources and synthesizing ideas. Grammar and writing mechanics will be reviewed and taught as needed, and you will complete pre and post-tests. This is a process-driven course-- that means we walk step-by-step through the development of every paper and write several drafts until it is a polished product.

Student Outcomes

The major facets of this course include:

▪ planning, writing, and revising essays

▪ engaging in peer review

▪ crafting responses to readings

▪ developing tone, voice through vocabulary and grammar

▪ finding and citing secondary sources