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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

An introduction to writing and reading fiction and poetry in a workshop setting using the work of contemporary poets and writers as models. May include some creative non-fiction and/or dramatic writing.

Student Outcomes

Course Student Learning Outcomes (Students will be able to…)

  1. Discuss course content in a range of critical contexts.

  2. Demonstrate knowledge of themes and genres of course texts (including making informed decisions in their own writing).

  3. Critique the complexities and differences among course texts (which may include student writing).

Measurements (means of assessment for student learning outcomes listed in first column)

  1. Through class discussion of published texts, you are expected to demonstrate your understanding of the elements of fiction, drama, and poetry.

  2. Through your own writing of creative texts and through class discussion of published texts, you will demonstrate your understanding of how to craft a short story, a play, and poetry.

  3. You will demonstrate your knowledge by crafting work in three different genres. You will also present a final project on a genre of your choice and are expected to demonstrate your knowledge of that genre through written assignments.