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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

Latin 223 is a transitional course, where you will firm up your knowledge of Latin syntax and begin your first work with continuous and authentic Latin texts. The goal of this class is to move you beyond the basic Latin grammar and vocabulary you learned in Latin 123 and 124 (or high school Latin). You will learn to deal with more complicated structures of Latin grammar and learn reading strategies for interpreting complicated sentences and continuous passages of Latin prose (and some poetry). We will complete your work with the elementary Latin textbook Learn to Read Latin from the Romans and then work with continuous original Latin texts for the remainder of the semester.

Student Outcomes

Students will be able to…

  • Understand and translate complex Latin sentences and connected Latin prose from original Latin texts
  • Compose Latin sentences and paragraphs using sophisticated grammatical connections.
  • Read, write, and understand more complex English sentences and structures.

Why this matters to you

  • This semester we will complete the introduction to essential Latin grammar. We will be moving to working with connected passages from ‘real’ Latin authors this semester. You will combine your knowledge of Latin grammar, your innate sense of linguistics, and logic to unravel complicated sentence structures
  • Practicing with Latin composition greatly aids our understanding of how Latin texts are built.
  • Because Latin authors frequently write in periodic style, employing sophisticated structures of parallelism and subordination, we will develop our English reading and composition skills, as well.