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Fall 2023

Course Description

Individual training in vocal technique and its application to diverse vocal literature styles. COURSE OBJECTIVES ● To stimulate awareness of the structure and functioning of the singing instrument. ● To develop the vocal technique of the student’s range, tessitura, breath management, ease of phonation, flexibility, body awareness. ● To build a challenging song repertoire appropriate to the student’s level of vocal technique. ● To encourage musicianship, research, discipline, independence, and deliberate practice. ● To learn about and practice vocal and mental wellness and resilience.

Student Outcomes

● Sing, from memory, the required number of contrasting pieces in different languages (English, Italian, German, French are required, but you students are encouraged to learn songs in other languages such as Russian, Spanish, or any language which the student is interested in). The minimum repertoire requirements vary by school year and degree type (see APPENDIX). ● Perform in front of a jury/audience with artistry, which includes: stage presence (good posture and attitude), clear diction, awareness of varied repertoire styles, and a reliable vocal technique. ● Develop and work toward goals set at the beginning of the semester.