Always Playing the Best in College Alternative, WGRE is a student run radio station at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Our station produces reputable sports broadcasts, timely news coverage, and is an industry leader in the promotion of up and coming alternative music.

State of The Castle: A weekly public affairs show addressing news and events at DePauw and in Greencastle.

Tiger Talk: An in-depth look at DePauw sports including interviews with DePauw Athletes.

Sports Reporters: A weekly discussion about all the news from college and professional sports.


Submissions from 2023

Tiger Talk 9-6-23, WGRE News

State of the Castle Clark-Stutz 8-31-23, WGRE News, John Clarke, and Jaxon Stutz

State of the Castle Hayes 9-7-23, WGRE News and Marcus Hayes

The Greencastle Business Beat-Inglis 9-8-23, WGRE News and Bob Inglis

DePauw Football v Anderson 9-9-23, WGRE Sports

Putnam County Game of the Week Cascade v Cloverdale, WGRE Sports

Sports Reporters 9-10-23, WGRE Sports