Always Playing the Best in College Alternative, WGRE is a student run radio station at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Our station produces reputable sports broadcasts, timely news coverage, and is an industry leader in the promotion of up and coming alternative music.

State of The Castle: A weekly public affairs show addressing news and events at DePauw and in Greencastle.

Tiger Talk: An in-depth look at DePauw sports including interviews with DePauw Athletes.

Sports Reporters: A weekly discussion about all the news from college and professional sports.


Submissions from 2023

Sports Reporters 5-8-23, WGRE Sports

The Ambush Podcast - True Gold Crime with Eliana Alzate, Eliana Alzate

The Ambush Podcast - The Rams with Ben Axelrod, Ben Axelrod

The Ambush Podcast - The Trump Saga with Gus Baumgartner, Gus Baumgartner

The Ambush Podcast - Relegation Roundup with Gray Collins, Gray Collins

The Ambush Podcast - Tigers From Around The World with Quinn Garrigan, Quinn Garrigan

The Ambush Podcast - BBall Banter with Carson Gettle, Carson Gettle

The Ambush Podcast - NBA Sports Science with Caleb Hart, Caleb Hart

The Ambush Podcast - The Glory review with Mary Lomahan, Mary Lomahan

The Ambush Podcast - Tiger Tails with Tyler Loughmiller, Tyler Loughmiller

The Ambush Podcast - Met Gala with Zartasha Mushtaq., Zartasha Mushtaq

The Ambush Podcast - Hungry Athletes with Kenzie Myers, Kenzie Myers

State of the Castle Petrie 5-5-23, WGRE News

The Ambush Podcast - Student Athlete Life with Christian P., Christian P.

The Ambush Podcast - Lebron Or MJ with Gabe Remch, Gabe Remch

The Ambush Podcast - Windy City Winners with Tommy Ryan, Tommy Ryan

The Ambush Podcast - DePauw Athletes with James Shorney, James Shorney

The Ambush Podcast - Monsters Among Us with Mai Ta, Mai Ta

The Ambush Podcast - US Soccer with Ethan Webster, Ethan Webster

Tiger Talk 5-4-23, WGRE News

Sports Reporters 5-1-23, WGRE Sports

State of the Castle - Spiegelberg-White 4-28-23, WGRE News

Tiger Talk with Stevie Baker Watson 4-27-23, WGRE News

Sports Reporters 4-24-23, WGRE Sports

State of the Castle Franks-Inglis 4-21-23, WGRE News

Tiger Talk 4-20-23, WGRE News

Sports Reporters 4-17-23, WGRE Sports

State of the Castle President Lori White 4-14-23, WGRE News

Tiger Talk 4-13-23, WGRE News

Sports Reporters 4-10-23, WGRE Sports

DePauw Baseball V Oberlin 4-8-23, WGRE Sports

State of the Castle SBP 4-7-23, WGRE News

Tiger Talk 4-6-23, WGRE News

Sports Reporters 4-3-23, WGRE Sports

State of the Castle Friends of the Park 3-24-23, WGRE News

Tiger Talk 3-23-23, WGRE News

Sports Reporters 3-20-23, WGRE Sports

State of the Castle Berque - NWS 3-17-23, WGRE News

Tiger Talk 3-16-23, WGRE News

Sports Reporters 3-13-23, WGRE Sports

Tiger Talk 3-9-23, WGRE News

Sports Reporters 3-6-23, WGRE News

State of the Castle Steinkamp-Young 3-3-23, WGRE News

Tiger Talk 3-2-23, WGRE News

Sports Reporters 2-27-23, WGRE Sports

State of the Castle 2-24-23, WGRE News

DePauw Mens Basketball V Wabash 2-24-23, WGRE Sports

Tiger Talk 2-23-23, WGRE News

DePauw Mens Basketball V OWU 2-21-23, WGRE Sports

DePauw Womens Basketball V Hiram 2-21-23, WGRE Sports