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Fall 9-1-2023

Course Description

Language, reading, and writing are the foundations of human knowledge. This course facilitates the understanding and sharing of ideas by honing students’ accuracy, fluency, and rhetorical flexibility within the context of academic writing. In conjunction with our focus on language and writing, we will also explore the theme of learning and failure as it relates to language acquisition and writing. My hope is that this class will help you move from a novice to a more experienced scholar through practice, feedback, and self-assessment.

Student Outcomes

Student Outcomes
Following this course, students will be able to:

➢ Identify and correct common errors in their writing as independent self-editors

➢ Generate and revise text in English as part of the writing process

➢ Employ common academic vocabulary accurately and effectively

➢ Apply strategies for reading, writing, and speaking to their academic assignments

➢ Recognize the linguistic and rhetorical features of strong writing