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Publication Date

Spring 2024

Course Description

What is a painting (if not just a rectangle with paint on it)? What makes a good painting (if not just technique)? This class introduces you to the questions and techniques of painting from multiple points of view. While designed for students with little or no experience in painting, this class prepares students for advanced painting classes and independently driven work. We will sharpen our awareness of the ways paintings suggest meaning through form, context, narrative, and its relationship to the viewer.

Student Outcomes

This course serves as an introduction to the practice and science of oil painting. Students will learn to paint from life utilizing methods of direct painting. Students will also learn various other technical elements involved in preparation of painting surfaces and maintenance of a painting studio.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course students will be able to,

  • paint subjects directly
  • see and control value structures and proportion accurately
  • render the visual impression
  • understand simplified techniques involving color mixing
  • maintain oil painting materials and an oil painting studio