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Publication Date

Fall 2023

Course Description

Secondary private piano lessons are lessons (30 minutes or 1 hour in length) at a scheduled time once a week. Lessons include sight reading, scales/arpeggios/chords and other forms of exercises; work on piano solo selections, depending on each student’s need and abilities. Repertoire studied will be primarily classical literature.

Student Outcomes

During this course students will further develop their piano skills in order to +creatively use those skills in their postgraduate careers, engage with audiences, their students and community. Students will continue to improve in: ● constructing and performing various five- finger patterns, scales, arpeggios, inversions ● playing elementary chord progressions in different keys ● performing early intermediate, intermediate and early advance level solo repertoire ● improvising simple accompaniments on a given melody ● transposing a simple melody line ● learning to accompany voice or solo instrument ● sight-reading an elementary level keyboard work ● reading parts from the open score ● develop further understanding of different music styles